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Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the family-owned company at Nature’s Lane prides themselves on providing a range of pure, natural and organic products. 


Whether it’s a sprinkle of chia seeds in your morning smoothie or a handful of tasty cacao nibs for snacking during the day, you can enjoy these basic, wholesome goodies with comfort, confidence and ease. 

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Our Nature's Lane Basics range is packed full of wholesome goodies that are an essential to every household. Our Basics range was born from a desire to supply quality, everyday basics that, although not organic, were the next best thing.

As a minimum, our basics range are GMO free, minimally processed and contain no artificial colour, flavours or preservatives. 



We thrive on delivering a whole heap of love and wholefood goodness when it comes to our products. Rest assured, our Nature's Lane Organics range delivers products that are certified organic and naturally better for you. We know you will love the healthier side of things just as much as we do. 

Find versatility and purity with Nature’s Lane Basics and Organics. Create nourishing meals, snacks, desserts or drinks for any day of the week…Enjoy!